9 A.I. Tools For Digital Marketers & Online Creatives

Goodbye, copywriters.  7-figure-commission-system-oto You’ve just been replaced by this guy. Well, it looks like this will
be my last YouTube video.7-figure commission system-oto,  It looks like it’s time
to retire your laptops and go back to your soul-numbing 9 to 5. It looks like we are all doomed because robots have replaced us. I mean, this guy on TikTok says so, so it must be true, right? No wanna know the truth? Keep watching. (upbeat music) Hey, Posse, what’s up, it’s Alex. And if you’re new to the crew, welcome. Right here on my channel you’ll find hundreds of tutorials on all
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next video goes live. Alright, alright. Now let’s have some real talk. AI, what is the deal and what does it mean for copywriters, digital marketers, and content creators out there? Are we all doomed? Alright, Posse, here is the truth.

Yes, AI technology is out there and it is getting better and better. And as the great Seth Godin and I once chatted about, it
is already replacing mediocre content creation and copywriting. Take a look. AI has already replaced
mediocre copywriting. There’s new service
online that can write copy better than half the
copywriters that I know. Because you just put it in there, it churn out correction. For sure. So if your motto is, you can pick anyone and I’m anyone, you’re in really big trouble. And that is the truth. But I have said it before and I will say it a million times. AI is a tool. It is not a total takeover. Is it replacing some writing, yes.

But great copywriters do so much more than just writing words on a page. Great copywriters are more
than just great copy “writers.” We are also marketers and
storytellers and strategists. We take the time to deeply understand the market and our customers. We plan complex launches and mastermind the perfect positioning. We are artists of our craft who aren’t afraid to
put in the extra time, work, and effort that
it takes to transform a piece of good writing
into great writing.

So yeah, AI can certainly spit out copy that’s just as good as an
average copywriter can do, but I hope you’re not here to be average. All of the best and the most highly paid copywriters that I know know how to tell relatable stories, create emotional resonance,
and build relationships in a way that no AI tool ever could. The technology is just not there yet.

And in my opinion, it won’t be there for a very, very long time. So instead of being afraid of it or using it as an excuse
to never get started, you should be focused
on honing your skills and getting even better at what you do. So no, this definitely will
not be my last YouTube video. Could you imagine? And I definitely don’t think you should retire your laptop or give up your creative dreams. Rather, start working with AI instead of fighting against it. Use it as a tool to do what you do more quickly and efficiently, whether that’s helping you
streamline your processes, sparking new ideas or cutting
your work time in half, there are some amazing tools out there that I personally couldn’t live without. So in this video, I’m sharing with you 9 awesome AI tools that you can use in your business to help you
work smarter, not harder. The first is Descript.

Descript is an audio
and video editing tool that can help you streamline
the editing process and makes creating video
content so, so easy. Its key features include a fully powered podcast editor that has
remote recording capabilities, along with collaboration and audiograms, screen and webcam recording that’s easy to edit and share. Incredibly accurate
automatic transcription. And of course, video editing that makes it super simple to add titles,
animation, music, and more. Number two on my list is ManyChat. So here is an AI tool that
we love here at the Posse. So if you follow us over
on Instagram at Copy Posse, then you’ve probably met
Benny, the Posse Bot. So Benny send that quick DMs and responses to those looking for links and resources.

And to do this, we use an
amazing AI tool called ManyChat. So it actually uses keywords to help you automate conversations. It is very simple to set up and makes lead generation a breeze. So as an example, anyone who
DMs me at the Copy Posse, the word “hot” will
automatically receive a free copy of my hot offer checklist. Or if you DM me the word “cheatsheet” you will get my free social
media captions and CTA guide. Or if you DM me the word “power” you’ll get a copy of my power words guide with 250 power words that you can use to spruce up your copy. So using this tool, we’re
able to engage with the Posse and send out crazy valuable
information instantly. How cool is that? Alright, next up on my list. Number three, Wix ADI. So I’ve never actually used this before, but I think it is so cool if you’re looking to
create your own personal or business website. Now, depending on your
design or skill level, you can create a website from scratch, work with templates, or if you’re completely
designed illiterate like me, and you don’t wanna hire a designer, you can actually use Wix’s newest edition, which is Wix Artificial
Design Intelligence, ADI.

So with Wix ADI, all you need to do is enter some basic information on what you want your website to include, along with some design preferences, and boom, you’ve got a custom made professional looking website that is specific to you and
can save you so much time, energy, money, and of course, stress. So definitely check that one out. And moving on to number four, Evolv AI. So this tool can cut the time it takes you to figure out a winning angle by months. So typically, if you’re testing different angles in your copy, you would wanna split
test two different angles or hooks using A/B testing.

And then you have to wait weeks or sometimes even months to see which one performs better. But this tool can test
all your ideas at once and then identify the
top performer instantly. And it’ll even combine
different concepts together in new and unique ways to help you get the most from your funnel. Alright, number five on my list. This is a personal favorite
of mine, Grammarly. So here’s another tool that I personally use religiously. Grammarly is an AI powered writing app that you can add to your extension on your laptop or computer. And it’s great for writers like me who have way too many thoughts going on, type too fast, and make way
too many typos doing it. Hey, if you do that
too, you are not alone. This tool will proofread
everything you write and help you edit in real-time. Detecting everything from grammar errors to structure and formatting, to misused or missing punctuation. And what’s even more cool about Grammarly is that it even knows how
to edit for specific genres. Alright, next up is BuzzSumo. So if you’ve been around here for a while, then you’ve probably heard me talk about this one before.

BuzzSumo is an AI content marketing tool that helps you come up
with popular topic ideas and long tail keywords. So it actually shows you a list of the most popular
headlines for any given topic ranked by the number of social shares. So this is so great if
your focus is engagement and you wanna know what blog topics or hooks are really gonna get people to hit that share button. BuzzSumo helps you identify the most relevant topics
to keep your content fresh, and even identify as top hashtags, trends, and new content from other players in your niche or industry.

Alright, moving on to
number seven, Rev.ai. So another tool that we use all the time here at the Posse, Rev is a speech-to-text API that we love to use to
transcribe all of our videos, podcast, and training into text. It’s great because you can transcribe your audio in real-time on
a live call, for example. And it will even identify the key topics within the text for you. So another reason that
I really love this tool is because you can have the option to use the AI technology or a human if you really want more accuracy or you want someone actually
reviewing your work. Alright, onto the next one, Wordtune. So this is an AI tool that
will take what you write and give you options on different ways that you can actually say or phrase it. And like Grammarly, you
can add it as an extension on your laptop or computer so that you can use it
whenever you need it. Whether you’re trying to write a perfectly worded email
to a potential client or you’re looking for a better way to phrase your social media caption, all you have to do is highlight the text you wanna give a tune up, and then select the
option you like the most.

Alright, next on my list is MarketMuse. This is an AI tool that will
help you get ranked in Google. So MarketMuse uses AI, deep learning, and machine learning to help you optimize content for search engines, which is really, really great for all of us novice SEO people, but not only does MarketMuse identify the best keywords to
help your website rank, it also compares your content to thousands of other articles that were written on the exact same topic, which can reveal gaps or any information you might be missing from your website. Pretty cool, right? Alright, Posse, that’s all I got for you.

Remember AI is here to
make our lives easier, but they aren’t perfect and should never be relied on 100%. Always, always, always
use your best judgment. And of course, make sure your personality is present in your copy, and always double check everything before you use an AI-produced
piece of content or copy. And no matter what, keep
learning with the Posse, so you can hone your marketing skills, improve your copywriting, and stand out from the crowd. I hope you found this video helpful. I will see you next week
with a brand new video. Until then, I’m Alex, ciao for now. Alright, guys, if you enjoyed that video, make sure to check out the
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