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and the link is in the description now in today’s   digital marketing world there are
metrics for pretty much everything   brand performance on the other hand is notoriously
difficult to track which undermines the critical   importance of branding therefore so many
brands over invest in marketing and underinvest   in their branding because there’s nothing like a
green metric to get the dopamine flowing but brand   performance measurement can be simplified using
a simple brand funnel giving brand managers an   effective tool to measure brand growth so in this
video you’ll learn what a brand funnel is and how   you can use it to measure the growth of your brand
so what is a brand funnel well a brand funnel is a   customer journey model from the perspective of the
customer it measures the awareness of the brand in   the market and each step the market takes towards
brand loyalty and then advocacy it allows brand   managers to see where the brand is performing well
and which transition steps need most attention   to prevent as many customers as possible from
veering off the road to advocacy so let’s take   a look at the brand funnel stages now as with
any funnel model or customer journey mapping   model there are different stages to the brand
funnel model now the first step is to understand   how your customers move along the journey and
the stages that they go through along the way   and then the next step is where the real value
lies in the brand funnel and that is analyzing   where and why large portions of customers are
failing to transition from one stage to the next   so here are the stages of the brand funnel
we have awareness consideration preference   purchase loyalty and then advocacy so let’s have
a look at each of the brand funnel stages in a   bit more detail but before we do if you have any
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when i release new videos just like this   number one awareness the awareness of your brand
is the percentage of people on the market who   recognize your brand name when they’re prompted
so in other words how many people have heard of   your brand and how does that number compare with
your competitors or against the overall market   size your marketing strategy plays a big role in
increasing your brand’s awareness and the more   people or market percentage you have at this stage
of your funnel the better position you are to   become a competitive player in your market number
two consideration now the consideration stage of   the brown funnel measures how many people or the
percentage of those who are aware of your brand   would actually consider making a purchase the only
brands that have a compelling offer which aligns   with and can deliver on the goals of the target
market will be considered number three preference   now the preference of your brand within your
chosen market measures how your brand compares to   your leading competitors as the preferred choice
in the market now although this doesn’t represent   an actual purchase it is a very good gauge to
measure your brand’s perception and the likelihood   of a purchase in that buying decision number
four purchase now the purchase stage of the brand   funnel is pretty self-explanatory really this
is the measurement of those who have actually   purchased the brand’s products at least once
if they’ve considered all the other options in   the market and they’ve made that critical buying
decision to disregard the competitors and to make   that purchase number five is loyalty now brand
loyalty is the measurement of those who have   made both an initial purchase and a subsequent
repeat purchase or repeat purchases so ultimately   this group of people have shown that they’ve had
a positive experience with the brand enough anyway   to make more than just one purchase so the extent
of these repeat purchases indicates the level of   brand loyalty achieved and lastly we have the
final stage of the brand funnel and that is the   holy grail of branding which is brand advocacy
now this measures how many people would recommend   the brand to others based on the experience that
they’ve had now this stage specifically speaks to   the level with which the brand delivers on its
promise and helps those customers to achieve   their goals now we’ve all heard of sales funnels
and marketing funnels before but how do they   actually differ to brand funnels well there are
many different types of funnels when it comes to   business now two of the most well-known funnels
are the sales and the marketing funnels and   while there are many different variations of
each of these ultimately both map the customer   journey and the transitions from one step to the
next based on funnel metrics so for example how   many people come to your website and how many
of those convert into an actual customer now   while they provide real-time statistics of
what’s happening with the brand’s tactics with   the brand’s traffic and sales they do little to
paint a picture on how the brand is perceived by   its target audience the brand funnel on the other
hand measures the brand’s perception in the market   the level to which people are aware whether or not
they would choose the brand over its competitors   and whether or not they would recommend it to a
friend brand funnels therefore bring some metrics   into the world of branding helping brand
managers and leaders to analyze the health   of their brands identify where they can improve
the brand experience and ultimately convert more   lookers into buyers and buyers into advocates
now as i mentioned earlier the key to success   is getting people to the top of the funnel by
raising brand awareness now if you want to learn   more about the most effective brand awareness
strategies to warm your prospects up then this   video will help you out until next time brand
like a master and i’ll see you in the next video

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