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– You could come up with
an entire month’s worth of vertical videos to post on
social media within an hour. It’s as simple as going to a Ai Prodigy OTO
YouTube video, taking the link, copying it, and then going to From here, you’re gonna
drop in the YouTube link and hit Get Clips for Free. Now I just gotta sit back
and let AI do its thing and then it’s gonna send me an Ai Prodigy OTO

email when it’s ready to go. So it took about eight
minutes and I got the email, and now I have 12

different videos all ready to go for social media. The real question is, “Are
these videos actually good?” Before I show you what the
videos actually look like, it’s really important to know who this is gonna work best for. So on their website, you can see that the “algorithm
works best for videos that are conversation-driven,
single-speaker videos, and longer than 15 minutes.” But don’t worry, this is
still gonna work on a podcast where you have two different
people talking to each other and having a conversation. Now, you can also use videos
that are gonna be shorter than 15 minutes, but they recommend it’s
longer than 15 minutes because then it has more
video and more content for it to sort through to
pull more clips out of.

So some examples of videos
that it’s gonna work well with are gonna be video podcasts,
educational videos, commentary videos, product reviews, and motivational speeches. And this is not gonna work
super well for the person who is trying to repurpose
their vlogs or music videos. Now with that being said, here’s basically how the Opus AI works. Here at the top, we can see the first
video labeled number one. It gives us a very nice title and then it kind of tells
us why it has a score of 99. And this is called the viral score and the likelihood that this
video is going to go viral on Shorts, TikToks, and Reels.

Then here you can just download the video and post it to your
social media platforms. Or if you go over here, you
can actually edit the clip. And that’s why I wanna show you guys some of the customizations options that you can do inside of here. In the top left hand corner,
we have our Caption Settings and this is where we can mess around with some pretty cool stuff.

For example, the intro title. If I turn this on, it’s actually gonna give
me this text right here. It says, “Maximize your YouTube
Earnings with Insider Tips.” And this is a cool thing you can do to capture someone’s attention
in the first few seconds by utilizing this intro title. Now for this video, I
actually want to turn it off so I’m just gonna click this again.

And you can see now down here
we have all of our captions inside of this video. And this is where we’re able
to go in, make any changes. You wanna make sure that
every single word is correct and there’s nothing
misspelled or mispronounced that picked up on the wrong word. So after watching the clip,
it actually did a perfect job of detecting the words he was speaking, and so there’s no edits I
need to make to this text. But if it happens for you, all you need to do is hover over the word. Let’s say “money” is spelt incorrectly. Once you click on “money,” you can either go up here to the pencil and you can change this to,
let’s say we wanna say “mullah,” and then you hit Enter. And that’s gonna update down here. So it says “How much mullah we have.” But I’m gonna change it back by putting “money” back in here.

The other cool thing you
can do is change the color of the text to really make this word pop. So for example, let’s say
I wanna make it green. I can just simply hit that,
or I can make it yellow. I can also trash this word
by hitting the trashcan. If I didn’t wanna do that, I’ll go ahead and hit this Undo button. You can customize this even
more if you go into Preferences. Once everything is correct and
all the captions look good, you can go over here and you can actually choose
a different caption style. On the free version, this
is the only caption style. But if you get the paid version, you can actually have
custom brand templates that you can build out
to make it a lot cooler with different text and different styles. But even with the free version, you still can choose two different colors to highlight words. So if you wanna change
it from green to red and from yellow to blue, you can do that simply by
dragging this on the color wheel.

And then when those words
are going to be highlighted, you’re gonna notice they are red and blue. Now the other cool setting
is under Layout Settings where we have Fill and that’s
gonna fill up the entire frame and that’s the way I like to do it. I think it looks the best. You could also go to Fit where it’s gonna take
that horizontal video and just show all of it
inside of the vertical video. And for some use cases,
this would be super helpful and might work for some
of you guys out there. But the other option is Split and this is when you have two
people inside of the frame. I actually use this setting
on a podcast interview that Sean did with a guest. And because we had three different angles, when it cut to one angle where there’s just one person in the shot, it doesn’t use the
split, which is perfect.

And then when it cut to the wide angle where both of them are in the shot, it goes to the split automatically. And this is really cool and super helpful. And then down here you
also have All Uppercase. You can do all lowercase. You also can turn Auto Emojis on or off. I personally like them on, so
I’m gonna leave that checked. Once everything looks good, you’re gonna go to Save & Compile, and this is just gonna
save everything for you. It’s gonna reload some
of these new settings with the new text options. And then once that is done,
you can download that video. – So buckle your seatbelt. And I’m gonna be revealing
how much money we have made at Think Media over the past 90 days and some of the insights we’ve learned from the different types of content that are paying the most. – Is this perfect? No, but I do know this is gonna get better and better over time.

But one thing I love to do to
actually make these way better and actually perform
better is by putting them into an editor. I’ll download them and
then I’ll chop it up and I’ll take out any pauses, anytime there’s an awkward silence. Right now, the AI can’t do that. And I’ll just spend a few
minutes chopping it up, exporting it, and now I have a way
better video with captions that didn’t take me long at all to edit. And here’s what this video looks
like with just a few edits. – Don’t start for them. Start for you. I think this is something
that I’m struggling with on TikTok right now actually because it’s a whole new platform so I can relate in that sense. – I think this is a fire YouTube Short that’s gonna do really well. And if you wanna see more
cool AI tools just like this, then we actually have
an AI for YouTube Guide that you can check out

And this is gonna come with
our YouTube Niche Finder as well as our YouTube Shorts Masterclass. Now this bundle is on
a huge sale right now, so make sure you check the
links in the description and get it before it’s gone..

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