Bloxi A.I OTO

Harvest what the f is that is that canvas is that a demon what the f   oh my God you definitely do not want Bloxi A.I OTO
to run AI at 3am in a freaking Cemetery AI or artificial intelligence seems to be
sweeping the world and showing up in pretty   much every aspect of life and thanks to Jared and
Amy over at Amy’s Crypt it’s now entering ghost   hunting we’re out here at a Ghost Town Cemetery Bloxi A.I OTO
we’re gonna use it at 3 A.M and see what happens   my name is Jay this is the journey don’t forget to
smash that thumbs up let’s get into it my friends so it seems like whether you like it or not trust

it or not AI is definitely taking over whether   it be just from funny silly little deep fake
commercials to AI art to even I think it costs   the stock market about a billion dollars the uh
fake Pentagon bombing picture that went around it   I think uh trading actually lost about a billion
dollars um for a little while while they didn’t   know if it was real or not so um AI is definitely
showing up everywhere and they’re talking about   even though on YouTube Maybe by 2025 2026 that
about 90 percent of the content on YouTube   will have some sort of AI or Bai generated um I personally don’t know that much about it I’m
not a computer person very very much at all   so um I don’t know much about it but before I just
100 discount it I figured what better time to use   it than at 3am at a Ghost Town Cemetery that I was
kicked out of Last Time by spirits and the first   time I came out here had some crazy person doing
circles around my car and scaring me out of here   but uh we also caught a translucent figure
out here so I am very interested to use this   and I think how I’m going to approach this is
I’m going to use the AI um it’s called ghost   tube seer and it’s an AI art generator now from
what I understand I like I said I’m not a paid   spokesperson for them I don’t know much about it
I just downloaded it today um and you can download   it and try it yourself it’s in the App Store
it’s called like I said ghost tube seer but uh from how I understand it it is no
different than in the way it goes to works oh it’s a whipperwill it’s no different in the way
that like ghost tube or Spirit talker or any of   those work and the fact that it uses shifts in
the electromagnetic field to generate an image   instead of a word so we will definitely put it
to the test here tonight in this creepy Cemetery   and I think I will run the obvious while we
run that just to see what kind of responses we   get and if they line up with the images that are
being produced and we are just coming up on 3 A.M   let me just double check that
last I looked it was 245.

Oh it’s a car coming yeah 254. love love is that the most important thing in life I keep getting like drawn to
this back corner right here oh that’s interesting was
that your house that you loved   it looks like it could be a house
from back then that’s very interesting I don’t know maybe that was just a shadow
from the Leafs closer to me that was weird so you’re just gonna whistle back there it sounded different than the
whipperwill that’s going it was like a was your house nearby Johnson is this Miss Johnson or Mr Johnson someone asked during the
live stream why I don’t look   at the gravestones that are nearby I do I just
don’t point the camera at all of them just because   if I do see something then I’ll point
the camera at it but otherwise I won’t   sit there and look at every one of these with
the camera that get kind of annoying I think I do think we got the name Johnson here before he will harm you who will harm me Johnson will harm me that name right there look at that she killed me Thelma Johnson Thelma killed you or someone else killed
you I got the name Johnson right there   by that tree stump and that name there is
Thelma Johnson this name here is Johnson J.A and Thelma that was weird I think there’s like a you know
there’s a root right here it just felt like I   was about to step in a cave-in but there’s
Johnson and that is a very weird picture   I don’t even know what to think about that picture it is ice cold right here too
holy smokes look at the Goosebumps   like I said it is 70 degrees
it is one light one light you want me to turn one of my lights out is that better I don’t think I’ve ever
gotten that response one late that was me just scratching it’s
like a mosquito bit me on my stomach Mr Johnson were you saying that Thelma murdered
you or did someone else murder you cares k-e-r-e-s cares was that her name that
is a very odd I don’t think   I don’t have any clue what that would mean
unless it was someone’s last name or something I’m just turning the light down so I don’t
draw attention to myself while this car goes by e thank you for saying hi Mr and Mrs Johnson thank you I don’t know if that’s like
a water drop on that tree careful be careful is what should I be careful of holy smokes it is ice cold
over here who’s over here what do we got coming up here can’t tell what that is it almost
looks like the inside witchcraft are you saying that because of my devices   it’s technology not witchcraft it almost looks
like an old chair rocking chairs Williams was that the Williams house
that you were just showing me I was gonna say it looked like
I can’t remember the name of   it but like the old rocking chair
that had the rocking what was that the old rocking chairs that had the
rocking foot rest that went with   them it looked kind of like that
on the inside of an older house this hi Francis if you didn’t hear me
before my name is Jay very nice to meet you my friends over here that
I played music for before there’s Francis right there Shield Shield are you shielding me from something a baby is this your baby this one was seven years old EST son of Lewis and Ann Carter
died at the age of seven poor thing that one looks even younger yeah one sad one did you lose one baby I’m so sorry for your loss Minnie also died at the age of 12.

His whipper wheels are getting after it man oh it’s a street sign I just saw something
reflective back there in the woods and didn’t   realize that you could see through to that
street side that freaked me out a little bit tristicia tristicia nice to meet you that is easy very interesting name if I found that name in here I would be blown away this is an unmarked grave it just has a
cross there but there’s no name or anything   is this you here Tris stomach stomach we got whoa that is definitely a murder scene oh my
God that is definitely a murder scene did you get shot in the stomach
that looks did you hear yeah I swear I just heard somebody say yeah found found I make noises you do is
that you that just said yeah whoa these are some creepy
images coming through right now   holy smokes that looks like somebody in a hospital and it said stomach I swear I’m hearing talking
coming from back over there did you die on the operating table is that what you were just showing me Harvest what the f is that is that canvas is that a demon what the f I just got
goosebumps from head to toe and I turned   the light out because there’s a car going by I
don’t really want to draw attention to myself   as soon as I turn the light out I see that
crap oh my God you definitely do not want   to run AI at 3am in a freaking Cemetery
Aaron Baron that does look like a baron looks like a is that what was just standing near me a canvas I’m gonna have to look that up and
see if that’s a name or if that’s   what somebody is called like a type of   demon or something I don’t know because whatever
the heck that picture was was demonic looking was like I I am almost ready to be done now
that I saw that that was my biggest fear about   being out here and there is there’s an unmarked
grave right there too that’s what’s really crazy oh it’s ice cold over here holy crap   I mean I shouldn’t have Goosebumps
like this what the heck Bestia Bestia were you uh Italian some very odd words that are being spoke here’s a whole bunch of markers genus what
are you saying right now I’m so confused is that the point are you just trying to confuse
me what the hell is that someone meditating oh my God the Goosebumps just keep
getting bigger and bigger out here I have never gotten so many weird
words though I can tell you that I think that was an owl that
just screamed but I’m not sure there’s definitely something by that tree
because it’s warm as crap right here and   it gets ice cold when you come over here
and then a bunch of weird words get set baby crib do you still miss your baby I’m in my 50s you’re in your 50s this name is so hard to read the
first name looks like it says a Landy I can’t tell if that’s an i-l-a-l-i-d-y a-l-a-i-d ye I’m not sure I’m in my 40s getting old stinks I miss the good old days in the 20s fresh fresh yeah you do you feel
fresh when you’re that young huh is this you here Simon that I’m
talking to you look like you were 51.

I wonder if those are the names of all the
people that are buried here that it just says ser ious religious relictus see what I mean
this is Latin someone is speaking Latin that’s ALR that’s mrd ser I wonder what those names were that is so weird that I’m getting Latin
when I’m in this little area right here so okay I don’t know what these words mean I don’t
know if you’re putting a hex on me or if you’re   telling me your names that is the weirdest thing ever
though why would I continuously get   Latin Greek I’m not sure
exactly what language that is and that’s also where I got the demon
we’re walking away we’re gonna go this way   thank you for talking to me please oh
it’s nice cold around me Noobs Noobs I’m not new to this I’ve been
out here quite a few times   is that what you mean by Noobs or is that some
other weird word that I need to look up to I’m very glad that I that this records like a list   so I can actually look these words up
because these are some very weird words impetus impetus do you speak English what no that is I know that one we don’t German is that what you’ve been speaking is there any last images that
you would like to show me mortifer Abigail hi Abigail definitely walking towards
something it is ice cold over here I’m losing energy you’re losing energy do you want to take energy from my light
battery is that why you’re saying that I am not really sure what I’m
looking at it looks like a dungeon   it almost looks like someone holding a phone in
a dungeon with some evil red eyes looking at him Navy were you in the Navy thank you for your service I just noticed that weird noise at my light after
I said it could take power from my light battery now nothing on my light clicks so I still   cannot figure out what in the
world makes it do that noise we were executed what why is it because of crimes you committed or was
it a murder family your family executed you when I was here before I caught some sort of strange creature on camera do you know what that was what the hell is that I swear there was just a scream over there and I
have no idea what that is is that a castle burning   is that Ash and there’s something burning   there’s just like a bunch of talking and whistling
I don’t know what the hell I was just hearing what in the world is making that noise
there’s something looking at me right there we have power you have power okay you’re welcome I don’t know what I’m hearing so I’m going
to leave you alone okay leave you in peace I can’t tell if that’s people
yelling there’s a car coming let them let them all right my friends we are going to be calling
it a night that was very interesting for sure   I did nothing but creep myself out with that
AI so I’m not 100 sure what I think about it   yet it was very interesting I can’t wait to
watch the video back and put it all together   and see what kind of stuff we were getting but
some of those images were very disturbing so   hopefully because it doesn’t really show a lot
there won’t be any issues with YouTube but um I really don’t want to find out what all that
hooping and hollering was that way so I’m gonna   head out it is about 3 45 in the morning
I will see you guys on the next Explorer   I can’t wait to see what your thoughts are on
AI in the ghost hunting world as always don’t   forget to smash that thumbs up we’ll see
you on the next video my friends much love Fantasia I’m a simple man foreign

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