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three things that you need to do if you
want to become a social media manager. CreativeAI OTO  first thing is get educated learn about social CreativeAI OTO
media management there’s ton of resources over on   my channel but there’s also just a lot on youtube
university overall so just get to googling. number   two: you’re gonna want to build a portfolio.
building a portfolio just means that you have   some sample work that you’ve done to show that

you know how to do what you say that you can do so   create like a fan instagram account or tik tok
or start a blog or a youtube channel or volunteer   for a non-profit that you’re passionate about and
put it together on a website or in a document.

and   number three is market yourself. just put yourself
out there demonstrate your thought leadership   and give way more away than you think that you
should. this is really important because it’ll   help you build up that know like trust factor
and get you clients! like and follow for more..

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