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What’s up brand builders Stephen Houraghan eScribe Whitelabel OTO
here at and in this video you’re going to learn the six
stages of a digital marketing funnel and how to build yours so you
can stop using disconnected marketing tactics and build
an actual system that turns cold audiences eScribe Whitelabel OTO
into happy customers Now if you’re new to the channel and
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be well on your way now I remember when I first came
across the idea of funnels it was marketing funnels sales
funnels lead gen funnels and at the time it was a little bit too
complicated for me I kind of stayed away from it

for quite a while and I kept coming back to it I kept coming
back to this idea of funnels until one day I decided okay let’s
find out about this so I started to watch videos and
started to read books and I picked up books by
Russell Bronson I watched a lot of videos by Ryan
Dyson one day it just finally all clicked into place and I
got it I started to understand what funnels were all about so
hopefully by the end of this video it’ll click for you too now before we
get into the nitty-gritty it’s important to address the marketing
landscape at the moment and the changing
marketing landscape because marketing as it was 20 years ago
is completely different today it is a completely different landscape
and part of that has got to do with the relationship between consumers
and brands brands used to hold all the power before and their
communication was all about monologue it was one-way broadcast
communication but today it’s completely different there is dialogue it’s back
and forth between the consumer and the brand and on average
today you need about seven to eight touchpoints for your
audience to even register your brand so today attention is
not enough before you could get attention and you could
possibly get somebody to take action with a single touchpoint and
a single broadcast message today the environment is completely
different and that attention is no longer enough
and it’s also important to address the idea of tactics versus strategy
now strategy and tactics tend to be used interchangeably
today and they are actually very different but
the word strategy seems a lot sexier so people are using strategy in the way
they would use tactics but they are different tactics
perform a single task that is designed to generate a certain
type of outcome that contributes to a bigger picture goal whereas a
strategy is a collection of tactics all working together
cohesively to deliver a higher goal now if you
go on google the term marketing strategies then you are surely
going to end up on a blog post that lists tactics so you
will see the likes of Google ads and Facebook ads
and SEO and Content Marketing and Email Marketing these are all
individual tactics they are not strategies and on their own tactics have
very little impact at all because they’re not part of an overall
system so a bunch of isolated tactics is not a
strategy because those tactics are not part of an overall system and
if they’re not part of a system they lack impact if you think about
a machine there are a number of different devices within a machine
all performing a very specific task now that device on its
own lacks any kind of impact it only really has an impact when
it’s part of the overall machine and those devices are
all working together to do what the machine is intended to
do so the underlying message there is that you can have as many marketing
tactics as you want but if they’re not all cohesively working together
as part of a system then they’re absolutely useless your business
needs a system of tactics all working together cohesively
to guide your audience and that is exactly what a marketing funnel gives
you it is a complete and coordinated and progressive marketing strategy
and system that guides your cold audience into happy customers
and that is exactly what you need for your
business you need a system that will guide them from one step to
the next so how do you build a marketing funnel for your own business well you start with a marketing funnel
framework now at the top of the funnel you’re going to have
your cold audience these people don’t know who you are and
don’t know what you’re about hey can fit into their lives and at the
bottom of the funnel you have your hot leads and people who are most
likely to do business with you people who probably know like
and trust you and are very very close to
converting into a client so you need to understand
the different phases of the funnel and the
tactics that you can use within each of those phases so i want to
go through each one of those phases with you and the tactics that you can use
within each of those phases so as you go through think about
your own business and your own brand and how you can apply that
phase number one is attention so in this phase nobody knows who
you are and you have to change that now in the old days
businesses found it a lot more difficult to get that attention because they
had to pay for that privilege they had to pay for billboard ads or
magazine ads or tv or radio ads but today the landscape is different
if you do have a budget you can play with the likes of
facebook ads or google ads but if you don’t have a budget you still have
options you can go on to facebook groups you can go on to forums or
you can use social media organic posts to really
get that attention but it’s really important here that you have
a unique perspective and you are giving value if you just go out and
regurgitate everything that’s out there you’re not going to get that attention
so along with the platforms you need to be smart and you need to add
value to the marketplace phase number two is traffic
so now you’ve gone out there and gotten attention you need
to leave a trail of breadcrumbs so you can turn that
attention into traffic now this traffic will come to a place that
you call home now this is typically your website you can’t have an
extra step in here to lead them back to let’s say a
youtube channel before going to your website but typically
you want to bring traffic to your website because
here you can design the experience that you take them
through and ultimately you will have a call to action there that will
lead them through to the next step so this step is all about
turning that attention into traffic so they come into your world
and then you can lead them through to the next step phase number three
is the micro commitment so once you’ve gotten them onto your website
then you want them to take some kind of action so you
want to level up the value that you’re giving them you’ve
been giving them value on your social media pages or out
in forms and you’ve gotten them onto your website but you want to level
up the value that you’re giving them here because you want something
in exchange for that value you want at least their email address so you can
follow up with them and if you’re able to package together some
higher level of value then typically your audience will be happy to
give you their email address they’ll put their hand up to say that they’re
interested in what you have and they’ll give you permission to follow
up with them now a good example of this is a lead
magnet in the form of an eba ebook or something that’s
downloadable and really easily digestible or a webinar
that they can come to and get some higher level value from you
but here you want to change the relationship with that exchange
of value and email address so you can follow up with them later on
phase number four is all about nurturing so you’ve gotten that email from them you’ve gotten that permission to
follow up with them so you are at a massively advantageous position
now because the messages that you put in front of them you’re not
interrupting them anymore you’re not on their feed acting as a
nuisance you’re in an intimate place which is their inbox
and you have the opportunity now to follow up with them
to nurture them to give value to show them that you
understand to empathize with them and really really build that
relationship and build that connection to show them
that you know what you’re talking about that you know where they want to go
and you know the challenges that they’re coming across and you can help them
overcome that so this is a really really important stage in the
relationship building and you really want to nurture them you have
that email now you have that opportunity to give them value in their inbox and
this is a really important step phase number five is the conversion so
this is where the rubber meets the road and this is where you make that
ask you ask your audience for a transaction you ask them for that sale
now this can be broken up into two parts this can be a micro commitment
first and then a full commitment later on or
you can just go in for the full commitment a micro
commitment would be something like a tripwire
offer like a one dollar seven dollar forty-seven
dollar offer that’s not really what your core offer is about it’s not
where you make your money but that will change the relationship between you
and your customer and the fact that they have put their hand into their
pocket but even if you do put this micro commitment step in there
that is only designed to lead on to them taking you up
on your core offer whatever that may be but this
step changes everything in the relationship they are no longer
a lead they are now a customer even if
they’ve only signed up for a seven dollar or 47 offer they have
changed that relationship and they are now a customer and this
changes everything going forward they have confided
in you they have given you their trust and everything else
in this this relationship going forward is about you nurturing that relationship
and confirming to them that they made the right decision
and phase number six brand advocacy now a lot of businesses
forget about this stage because they’re all about the sale and once they
get that sale that’s job done see you later and they’re happy for their
customers to walk off into the sunset because they’ve gotten what they wanted
which was their money but if you want to build a brand if you
really want to build a successful and strong brand
over time then those customers are the key you want to turn
them into brand advocates and if you’ve taken them through a
successful journey and you’ve given them some kind of successful outcome
then chances are they are happy to talk about your business
they are happy to talk about your brand and promote your brand
to their friends and to their family all you need to do is to nurture
that relationship so stay top of mind with them
continue to show up in terms of giving them value
and incentivize them to tell their friends and family about your
business and about your brand now any business trying to market their
business and trying to market their brand can get very very
overwhelmed when it comes to marketing because there are
so many ideas and tactics and strategies that are out there
in terms of what they should do what they need to do
but you don’t need to know every single tactic you don’t need to do
every single thing you don’t need to be everywhere you just need to understand
the stages of your marketing funnel once you understand those stages
then you can decide what tactics you are going to use within each
stage once you’ve decided what those tactics are you now
have the makings of a system that will take a cold audience and turn
them into happy customers know the stages of your marketing
funnel decide on the tactics that you’re going to use
and execute that strategy but i’d love to hand it back over to you i’d love to
hear what your experiences are when it comes to marketing
tactics marketing strategies marketing funnels if
you have any experience at all are you overwhelmed
by the amount of advice that’s out there the amount of tactics
that you supposedly need to do or are you starting to come to
grips now that you need a system and a marketing funnel could be the
answer for you i’d love to hear from you in the comments below about your
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to answer all of those until next time brand like a master and I will
see you in the next video

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