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How to design a sales funnel that converts.
Designing a sales funnel is easy enough but   designing a sales funnel that converts that’s a Evolve OTO
different story. So, today I want to share with you   my best tips and techniques for designing a sales
funnel that actually converts into cash flow. As we dive into the process of designing a sales Evolve OTO

funnel that converts. I want to first tell you the   mistakes that I made that most people make when



designing a funnel and then I want to share with   you the two most important aspects of a funnel
that you should always be checking for.

And then, I   want to tell you a story of a client that I worked with
and the one change she made that exploded her sales.  And lastly, I want to share with you the
number one tool to build a sales funnel that   converts, let’s get into it. Let’s talk about the
number one mistake that people make, I’ve made it,   lots of people made it when designing their funnel.
I’m gonna share with you so that hopefully you   learn from our mistakes, you don’t have to.
The number one mistake is your hook or your headline of your page is it engaging or does it fall flat.
Honestly, this is the first impression for your audience.   You only have a few seconds to capture their
attention and so the way that I recommend writing a headline or a hook is to really peak
their interest, really grab at their pain points,   and show them the huge benefit that you have to offer
with whatever your product or service might be here.  Maybe it’s something like, “Yay! without boo”.
Like, this really great thing without having to go   through this inconvenience and I’ll share with
you an example of exactly that.

But let me first   tell you a story about one of my clients that
she was going to create. We were working with her   on her funnel and she’s in the MLM space network
marketing multi-level marketing and she wanted to   create a lead magnet, an opt-in funnel, where people
could sign up and learn more about multi-level marketing. And so, she wanted to make it something like,
“How to know if MLM is right for you?”. Here’s   the problem with that is first of all, people might
not be solution aware. They might not know what   MLM is or they might know what it is and have
objections to it thinking, “Well, that’s not right   for me”, or, “I’ve heard bad things about MLM”, or
just think like, “That’s not what I want to get into.”   So if they’re not problem aware or solution aware.
They might have that false belief that just brings   them away from it, they don’t even look any further.
In this example, she’s giving the answer away in   the headline that they might feel like they
don’t need to opt-in.

Because they know, “Okay, well   this person’s saying that it’s MLM. Maybe I’ll go
google a Friday YouTube video about it. Instead of   investing with my email address or time
or investing money into it.” So it’s really   important that the hook or the headline of
your funnel, your content, gives them this curiosity.   Intrigues them, so they actually want to move
forward and take action. So let me show you the   after picture. She went from, “How to know if MLM
is right for you?”, to this. “How I made six figures   in six months without cold calling, hard-selling,
or even leaving my house.” You see how that one’s   a little bit better? There’s lots of benefits there
right in the title, right in the headline. Lots of   opportunities to gain those benefits without the
headaches or the inconveniences that the headline   kind of displays that picture of. So see how it was?
“Yay! without boo.” How to make six figures, yay.   in six months that’s a great time span without
cold calling, hard-selling, or even leaving my house.  See how those are inconveniences and if
you put that together it’s a pretty intriguing   hook if I do say so myself.

So the headline
promises a certain benefit in a certain time span   without having to go through these inconveniences.
Now, that’s just one example of a headline or a   hook but that’s one that works really well.
The other thing to keep in mind when it comes to  your headline or your hook is to use your proprietary
terms, your own unique mechanisms. What’s the   way that you are showing them that you’re going
to get them to the solution or solve their problem.   In a way that they can’t just google or read
in a book. Something that’s going to connect   them directly to you. That this is something
unique that only you teach and it’s not that   you’re reinventing the wheel but you’re giving it
your own name. Let me give you an example, I had a   client Wayne Lee he came to me when of course in
2020 things needed to change, he needed to bring   his business online. He used to travel all over
performing on stages and hypnotizing people and   and coaching them through peak performance.
He worked with celebrities and athletes and was   very well known in making great money but of
course 2020 he needed to change his business.  So, we were helping him to build online courses and
we started building him a challenge and with this   challenge he said, “You know, what I want to be able
to coach people still through peak performance   and mindset.

Why don’t I do a mindset challenge?”,
and that’s where I said, “You know what, people   can google mindset. They can look on YouTube
for mindset. What’s the thing that you can do   or the name that you can give it. That’s unique,
it’s your own proprietary messaging.” And so it took   some time but we finally came up with, “The 21 day
subconscious reset challenge.” Hopefully that just   piqued some interest that you’re like, “What’s that?
I’ve never heard of that or this sounds intriguing.”   And in addition to that, it was the 21 day
subconscious reset challenge teaching his mental end game activation system.

His proprietary system.
You can only get that from him. You can learn   mindset or peak performance in a google search, on
a YouTube video, in a book. But this strategy alone,  if you want to learn this system you have to learn
it from Wayne Lee and you have to do it by joining   this challenge. So see, how it shows that this is
the only way, this is the only time that I can   find this solution from this person and it also
creates this branding or a community around you.   Which is going to go so far to even get more
conversions because you have people raving   about your systems. So think about maybe the
techniques that you have already in your business   and if you’ve given them a proprietary technique
or a unique mechanism and name that really sets   it apart from what might just be googleable.
So now that I’ve shared this with you. What’s a good   headline for one of your offers? If you want
to brainstorm or tweak an existing headline.   Put in the comments below, I’d love to see it and
share some ideas with each other.

Next, let’s talk   about the two most important aspects of a funnel
that you should always be checking up on to make   sure that your sales funnel is converting. Number one,
let’s talk about considering your consumer’s behavior.   When they come to a page they don’t want
to be overwhelmed and inundated with like a big   block of text. We want to make the page very
clearly define and display what the offer is.   You want to show some nice photos that are
aesthetically pleasing. Maybe a video, where they   can hear you or see the product or the service or
social proof of other people this has worked for.   So make sure that your page like the design the
functionality is engaging not overwhelming.   The second thing to keep in mind is that once
you build your funnel it’s not set it and forget it.   You don’t make it you’re like, “I’m done”, and you
walk away from it.

You’re always going to want   to be optimizing monitoring and split testing your
funnel. So it’s really important you actually have   in any sales funnel software you use. You should
have a stats or analytics dashboard where you   can see. How many people are coming to the page?
How many people are moving forward and they’re   opting in, or they’re purchasing, or how many people
are coming to it and then leaving? We want to know   why are people leaving and that’s where we’re
going to split test.

Meaning we’re going to   try different things. Maybe we try a different headline.
Maybe we change the color of a button.   Maybe we put a different video on with a little
bit of different messaging and that’s always   important to keep an eye on. Even when you feel
like you’ve gotten an amazing conversion rate   or opt-in rate there’s always things that you
can improve. Even if it’s new social proof,   new testimonials that you can add to the page, or an
updated picture. Keep an eye on that because that   could be the difference between six figures a year
and seven figures a year. Before I share with you   the number one tool for building a sales funnel
that converts.

I noticed you haven’t subscribed to   my channel yet. Go ahead press that red button,
I’ll wait. So you don’t miss any of these future videos.   They’re gonna help you with your sales funnels and
selling even high ticket. There are multiple tools   that you can use for your sales funnels. There’s
also different integrations and softwares that   you can use for whatever platform you decide.
But I’m going to share with you my favorite   one and why it’s my favorite and that it’s helped
hundreds if not maybe over a thousand now people   to earn over a million dollars in their business
by using the software, and that software is click funnels.   What I love about click funnels is the

It’s a platform where you can   build your sales funnel it’s really just dragged and drop.
You put these content blocks into place. They also have a ton of templates for you. The other
thing that click funnels has built into it already   which I think is really cool is it integrates
already with the other integrations that you need.   Maybe your email marketing software, your payment
platforms, and so many others. And click funnels is   it is the category king when it comes to sales
funnel software. What I also really love about   click funnels is it’s not just the software they
also provide you so much coaching and training.   So that you can have success with the software.
When you get an account they actually have it’s   almost like Netflix, they call it funnel flicks.
Where there’s training and coaching and not   just about building the tactical parts
of the sales funnel.

There’s training on   copywriting, and messaging, and scripting, and videos,
and mindset, you name it. So that the entrepreneurs   that are using this are the most set up for
success and I mentioned before click funnels   has this kind of reward incentive. That when your
funnel makes a million dollars they give you this   shiny plaque and they induct you into the two
comma club. I actually have two of these awards   from using their software. So, it’s an incredible
community. They have events and trainings and   incredible entrepreneurs that also use this that
become lifelong friends, connections, networking, and   I highly recommend using the software because it’s
helped my business grow to a multi-million dollar   business and many many others. Now that you know
how to design a sales funnel that converts. How about I take away the heavy lifting of building
it from scratch. I’ll take that off your shoulders   and I’m going to give you my converting funnel
templates that have been proven to convert time   and time again. Not only that, I’m also going to
give you a video training, several video trainings,   to show you how you can best use it, put into place,
optimize it.

So that you’re set up for success. You click the link below you can get those for free.
My Jaxx share funnel templates, enjoy!.

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