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About the merchandise – iron

EyeSlick OTO

may be a progressive new video social stage with intrinsic ecom utility.
You can stream live video from your computer, or from our iTunes/Playstore applications – or, transfer recorded recordings – or perhaps import from YouTube
you can create money by marketing physical or computerised things from your channels, or perhaps essentially provide content and acquire paid once people provide and reward them – like locales like Patreon and Twitch.
you will run licenses with the selection to:
eyeslick OTOs

EyeSlick OTO

– Activate their own ecom-prepared, paid traffic sceptered (financed by EyeSlick) video channels
– Sell in addition as disclose licenses.
As a dispatch unique/reward we’re allowing shoppers organization get to – in order that they will disclose their channels and gain five-hitter authors eminence charges on every deal that channel maker acquires either from offers of physical eCom merchandise or phonephone instructing/live video deals or another method the station provider adapts their station.
We square measure limiting deals to ten,000 packs – once those square measure sold-out NO additional are accessible. this is not phony shortage.
EyeSlick EyeSlick OTO iron final System=>>EyeSlick iron
EyeSlick OTO1 vTail declaration
you well get:
A heap of further preparation and accomplished for you assets to find the most effective channels to form, even as people they will provide their welcomes to, exploiting the five hundred originators sovereignty expense reward enclosed as a feature of their frontend get.
Channel Targeter Cheatsheets
6 spreadsheets with breakdowns of all channel sub classifications and pertinent callings they will thanks to touch upon disclose channels
6 half Video coaching Series
Selective substance, high worth
PDF Companion Documents
Promotion Resource Bundle

EyeSlick OTOs

Incorporates email swipe arrangement, skilled created video promotions, accomplished for you advertising creatives with ASCII text file, powerpoint introduction and followup contents within the event that they have to grant the channels away to disconnected agents or via phonephone
Site Creation Tools and coaching
Preparing telling the most effective thanks to get a company sort website prepared for action.
EyeSlick OTO1 vTail declaration =>>EyeSlick OTO1
EyeSlick OTO2 EyeSlick personage
VIP people get:
Your channel are for all time rapt up to genius standing
Expert CHANNELS HAVE the subsequent BENEFITS:
– Add infinite things (never once more restricted to four things for every channel)
– Record and distribute more and more content on their channel (have up to 5hrs of recorded telecom)
– take away $10/minute decision value. skilled will charge any price they choose.
– Advertising expelled. business are enclosed into the stage around a few month when we have a tendency to dispatch. On the off likelihood that you just have associate degree knowledgeable record will not|you will not} understand any advertisements on the stage and watchers won’t see promotions showed on your channel.
Any channel welcomes you disclose can update your referrals to skilled for a [*fr1] year
They can sell additional, winning you additional
We’ll naturally share/circulate our pool of lined guests
Likewise they will get an additional ten channel licenses
Alternative 1: three Monthly installments $67/m
Alternative 2: vi Monthly installment of $37/m
Alternative 3: just one occasion Payment $197
EyeSlick OTO2 EyeSlick VIP=>>EyeSlick OTO2

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