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– [Presenter] Here’s a
super useful Gmail hack. With SendPro OTO If you have something that’s very secure and you don’t want people
to be able to share or download it, SendPro OTO versions you can use
what’s called Confidential Mode. This will also allow you to
create a self-destruct time, so that they can only view it
within a certain timeframe. You can even set it so they have to confirm their phone
number with an SMS code. Here’s how to do it. First, come to Compose. Then we’re gonna choose
our recipient as normal, blur that out obviously, place in our subject, and then fill out our body. And then once we’ve done that we are going to come down here to this little icon that says,
Toggle Confidential Mode.

We’re gonna turn that on. Now we can set an expiration for the email from any time between
one day and five years. So this is going to just
self-destruct the email. No one will be able to open
it after that set timeframe. Then we can do an SMS passcode. If you have the phone number of the person that you’re sending this
to and you want them to verify that they have that phone, you can send them an SMS
passcode that will look like this and they can’t open the email
until they confirm that code. Pretty cool..

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