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Instant Success Site OTO quickly jump back over to the dashboard
here because I just wanted to
demonstrate that to you the basically
instant success site generates its
traffic via social media so it will get
you traffic from Facebook Instagram and
Pinterest that’s targeted traffic from

all three of those networks and to set
this all up gate it couldn’t be simpler
all you need to do is enter a username
and password for Facebook Instagram and
Pinterest respectively obviously I
didn’t want to show you guys exactly
what they were so I’ve just replaced
those with X’s for now but you get the
idea you just enter your username and

passwords for each of the networks
and effective and you are done so after
you have entered that you know those
usernames and passwords very quickly the
plug-in then proceeds to Road fully
automated Facebook Fanpage fully
automated Instagram account and a fully

automated Pinterest account all for your
website all completely automated you can
see here this is the this is the
Pinterest sorry the Facebook fan page
forever comfy and you can see here we’ve
got different lots of different recipes
here different posts here you can see
we’re getting engagements for the
getting comments and we’re getting likes
we’re getting different reactions scroll
down you know gain here 72 people ride
51 engagements and you can see that if
we click on any of these we’re going
bang straight back to our website so
this fully automated site so fully
automated fanpage is driving traffic
every single time anyone clicks on any
of these posts they get driven back to
our site just like that it’s a credible
ulcer same thing with Instagram so you
come here you can see our Instagram
account we’ve got loads of different


posts all of them getting some
engagement here this is gains are fully
automated it’s fully automated account
open up these links that are all
embedded in all of the posts bomb sent
back to the site and if we head over to
Pinterest again the same thing is
another source of traffic for you
targeted traffic everyone who’s
interested in quito and come to this
board they click on one of these pins go
down here you can see that that we’ve
clicked on here we’re sent bang again
back to the website that’s three sources


of fully automated traffic all you have
to do and remember all you have to do to
have all of this suburb to have let’s go
back to the home page here to have all
this set up is you go in instant success
site we go to campaigns out of you
odda clickbank ID choose a niche click
the button the whole thing is done for
you and then you start getting
militarized posts that link back to
click back like we showed you before you
start getting daily content and you
start getting amazing fully automated
fanpage Pinterest account Instagram
account all sending traffic to your site
what’s the result of all of this well
let’s jump over to my to my analytics
account so we can see exactly what sort
of traffic this sort of thing is
generating remember this was a brand new
site that we set up not very long ago
justice has to test the plug-in out see
what it can do just by choosing a niche
entering your clickbank ID and clicking
a button let’s see what happens so we go
a great look at their website data here
so we can see that look we’ve gone from
not to that’s when you install the
plug-in gradually building up to about


just about 155 visitors a day super low
bounce rate decent session duration
where they’re coming from
yeah good mostly American good traffic
sources from all around the world it’s
working for us guys it is working can
you just imagine what it feels like how
easy how good it feels when all you need
to do to finally start getting results
please enter your clickbank ID by the
way don’t worry if you don’t have
Clickbank right now is super super easy
and fast and free to sign up to you can
get your ID within seconds and start
banking those checks so enter your
clickbank ID choose your niche remember
we do we do have a custom niche option
so you can set this up and have it all
working no matter what niche you want
these are just five completely powerful
done for you really easy to set up
guaranteed success niches we’ve done for
you search empty it click that ID
choose your niche clicky button BAM your


site’s done then you start getting great
quality content you
get monetization remember full video
full a coffee buy button with you and
bonuses all of this done completely
automated then fully automated social
media accounts sending you traffic every
single day and fed this is by far the
most exciting thing of course look at
bang the checks staff coming in from
Clickbank as simple as that have you
ever seen a simpler more powerful more
effective plugin instant success I is
just that you click one button one
button and your site has been created
for you everything done for you easy
powerful instant

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