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Pixielogo Local Edition OTO

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show Pixielogo Local Edition OTO1 =>>Pixielogo Local Edition OTO1

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Pixielogo Local Edition FE


Create Stunning Logos and Graphics with Fully Automated Cloud Based Designing Suite

5,000+ Premium Ready-to-go Templates in over 70 Business Niches


2000+ Premium Templates-  100000 Brand New Icons-  100s of Mockups- Upload custom logo icons and customization-   Add multiple texts – 500 FB Ads templates – 500 Twitter ads tempaltes – A.I. Assisted Logo Creator – Smoothest Drag and Drop Editor – Easy To Use Editor – Fully Compitable with top video creators – Artificial Intelligence Mockup Generator – Pixielogo University – Monthly Update – High Quality Images And Vectors – Autogenereate brand mockup designs – Save Load project from the cloud- Graphics Flipping – 1- Click Export – Export to SVG with fonts – Export to png/jpg – API Access – unlimted projects – premium support – A-Z video training – Ruler and Grid scaling – Commercial License – Customizable powerpoint proposal templates – 1 icon to multi icon logo designs

Pixielogo Local Edition  FE =>>Pixielogo Local Edition FE


Pixielogo Local Edition OTO #1

  • 6000 premium templates
  • 400000 Premium Icons
  • 50 new designs every month
  • Team Share Feature
  • Agency Websites
  • business portfolio
  • Sales video
  • Fivver gig tempaltes
  • Email swipes

Pixielogo Local Edition OTO1 =>>Pixielogo Local Edition OTO#1



Pixielogo Local Edition OTO2 :Pixielogo Power

  • Parallax video templates
  • Animated video templates
  • Logo intro video templates
  • Ecommerce video templates
  • Infographics templates
  • Outro video templates
  • Presentation videos
  • Promo video templates

Pixielogo Local Edition OTO2 Pixielogo Power=>>Pixielogo Local Edition OTO#2


Pixielogo Local Edition OTO3: Reseller

Reseller License,

Sales Material,

Dedicated Support,

Pixielogo Local Edition OTO3  Reseller=>>Pixielogo Local Edition OTO#3





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  • We’ve added 5,000+ More Premium Templates in different local niches for different businesses (Please each of these bullets should come with its on icons to bring out its beauty


  • 500,000 brand new icons added to the library
  • 200 Extra fonts
  • Tons and 100s of Mockup designs
  • Ability for your customer to upload logo Icons and customize them… add multiple colors also to uploaded logo icons
  • Add Multiple Text to your Designs


  • Comes with 500 Facebook Ad and 500 Twitter Ad ideas, they could swipe to target local business owners online with their Local Design Services


  • DFY Business Cards to sell your Logo cards to offline businesses
  • Editable Powerful Powerpoint Proposal to pitch logo services
  • 2 DFY Animated Videos you can use with any of your video software you have already-take any advertise on Facebook to sell your logo services leveraging Pixielogo Local
  • Create Unlimited Branding For Your Business And That Of Your Clients’
  • Create 1-Icon To Multi-Icon Logo Designs
  • Auto-Generate Brand Mockups Designs

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