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So guys in this video we will tell you how you can create 7-figure-commission-system-oto a song with the help of AI tool and generate a song. So guys make this video till end. First of all, you have to open Promptbot Ai OTO

Google Chrome in your PC or phone. With this, Google Chrome will open in your PC or phone. Then you have to search here, B2Go. You have to click here and search. After searching, you will get this site. You have to click on it and open it. After clicking on it and opening it, you will see this kind of interface. You can see it on the screen. Promptbot Ai OTO Our processing is started. Its page will open. So guys finally this page is open. Now to create a song, you have to type in English. Whatever you want to type, its music and song will be generated together. You can sign up by clicking here. But you can also generate a song without signing up. For that, you have to click here. And from here, whatever name you want to give, you can give it.

After giving the name, you have to click on generate. After clicking on generate, your song will be released and will be automatically played. So guys you can see here, I have clicked on it. Our song has been generated. You can hear it, because the song is playing. You can also click here and download it. You have to click on download. After clicking on download, you can download the video, download the audio. Or you can download the music. I will download the music. I will click on download the instrument. The music has been downloaded. You can play it and listen. Let me play it and show you. So guys you can see here, finally our music has been generated. Our music is being played. If you like the video, then like the video. If you are new to the channel, then subscribe to the channel. To get such content. See you in another technical video. Until then, my first vibe was empty.
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