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– So what are the best tools, right now, for getting more done when
it comes to creating content for getting more views Resurgence 2.0 OTO.
on your YouTube videos and for ultimately boosting productivity with the huge trend, and that
is artificial intelligence? I’m super fired up to be
hanging out with Nicky Saunders. Love your content. – Thank you. – We’re here in San Diego Resurgence 2.0 OTO
and you have 10 tools. So I’m wanna break these down. The first one is GetMunch, what’s that? – Oh man, that is an amazing tool where they take all your long form videos and they chop it up into vertical
videos based off keywords. So what’s cool about this one is that it actually takes
what’s happening on YouTube, and it shows like the
competition as far as what people are searching for, is it a high or low competition? And it’ll create clips based off that.

So from, let’s say a 30
minute to an hour video, it’ll chop up about like
10 to 15 different clips. If you have maybe a
two to five minute one, it’ll chop up like three or four. It gives you subtitles, it
gives you an actual caption to put on social media, fire. – Yeah, so then you
could go YouTube shorts or then distribute that Instagram reels, all the other places. And people are so busy and they wonder, “Man, how do I get those cool captions, how do I have the time to edit all these different versions?” This is gonna do that for you.

Awesome, all right. Number two is ChatGPT. A lot of people have heard about it but how are you using it? – So I’m using it for multiple reasons. Captions, say I need an Instagram caption, a YouTube video description
on, and you give it the topic, and it’s gonna give
you a great foundation. What I do suggest is don’t copy and paste exactly what it is. You still got to put your own swag, your own kind of voice to it. But captions is really
good, video scripts, research standpoints, any
question that I may have about a topic, I’ll ask ChatGPT. And so it’ll help me from
a research standpoint. ChatGPT is everything and it continues to grow based off the
input that we give it. If you speak to it like a person, it’s gonna speak back
to you like a person. – So the skill sets to master the prompts. You might say like act
as a real estate expert, act as a parenting expert, and then get it to start you out.

But it’s also just giving
you the raw material so then you can add your own
swag, add your own voice. – Absolutely, it’s always going
to give you the foundation. It’s never… these AI
tools are never going to give you pretty much
everything that you need. It’s still too early in
the game, but it gives you that it’s so efficient and
it’ll give you back your time. – Number three is Vidyo AI. How do you spell that
and what is the tool? – So V-I-D-Y-O AI, right. And so it’s just like GetMunch. It takes your long form videos and it creates the short
form videos for you. And what I like about
Vidyo AI over GetMunch, is that it’ll give you
different templates.

So you can have it have
like a frame in the back. You can add your own
social media handles on it. It’s a little bit more customizable, but it does the same exact thing. It takes it based off keywords and it’ll find the best clips for you. – That’s amazing. Yeah, I used that one the
other day, I think for free. It gave me almost an hour of minutes. I uploaded a video podcast. It lets you export 720p for free.

You do the paid, you could do 1,080. And it is actual AI, it found clips, I didn’t like them all, but I… So I clicked play, but I was like, “Man, this did all the
heavy lifting for me and it actually found the moment as if like an intelligent
person was watching the video to find something worthy
of posting on social. And so that’s Vidyo AI, it’s number three.

Number four is CapCut and break
it down, what is this one? – So CapCut is, I find like
video friendly everything. So everything from even captions, so those fancy captions
that we love to see, it has dynamic captions. It could do the transitions,
it could do titles, it can format it however
you want it to be. Anything that you need
video-wise from splitting it to making it vertical,
CapCut does everything. But what it’s really getting
known for, right now, because of how trendy it is,
is those captions that we see with it being highlighted
as far as the active words. – Yeah, some people don’t like it, but it’s like it shows the six words and then the actual word,
almost like karaoke. Yeah, very trendy captions. – Yes, but they have different
ways of doing that too. So if you don’t like that
particular style, has other ones. The free version does a lot. You honestly don’t even need
to pay for the paid version. But if you do like those extra features, it does have a paid version for that.

– Amazing, and speaking of captions, number five is the Captions app. What’s that? – So as simple as it is,
it does the captions too, but they have AI, which is super great. They can create a video script
right inside of the app, as well as create a
teleprompter inside of it. So once they write your video
script, they actually put it on top of the screen so you can record it. Or if you wanna record it
outside, like let’s say on Instagram or TikTok,
it will actually create a notification that says, “Hey, this is what you have to say while you’re in those other apps.” Another really cool thing it does is that, for all my people that
like to look down, right, it instantly creates it to
where you are always looking at… It’s kind of freaky. It always looking at the camera. – It’s the eyes AI. So it’s always making eye contact even if you were reading
from somewhere else. Kind of a game changer, kind of crazy.

– It’s really crazy. – So it’ll allow you to read
a script looking to the side, but yet be connected. And that’s a big deal that
includes his average iteration. Makes the viewer feel more engaged. One of the biggest mistakes people make is look at the selfie screen even, instead of looking at the
lens to make eye contact. That’s pretty crazy that you
can literally read a script without a fancy teleprompter. Number six is YouTube
Summaries via ChatGPT You use this for podcast
research, what’s it do? – It’s a Chrome extension that you could take any
YouTube video, press a button and it goes straight to
ChatGPT and summarizes.

Regardless if it’s a five minute video or a three hour video,
it summarizes it for you. And then following up
in ChatGPT, you can say, “Hey, give me the best quotes. Give me YouTube community post ideas.” It could do everything just
based off that summary. Then I just put my own take onto it. So that YouTube Summary
with ChatGPT extension, game changer. – Amazing, number seven is
Midjourney for doing AI graphics.

How’s this work? – Oh, this is all those pretty AI, like super detailed art
that you’ve been seeing, it’s probably come from Midjourney. And it’s really whatever you want, whatever you’re thinking,
you could type it. It’s in Discord, right, and so literally you
just got to put a prompt like slash imagine and I want a lion in the New York Streets wearing
a hoodie and it will pop up. It’ll give you four different choices that you can either say,
“Hey, I want version one, do a little bit more of
those or just upscale it.” But anything that you can imagine, anything that you could type.

Now, of course, just
like how with ChatGPT, the more descriptive
that you are, the better. So if you just put lion in
New York, it’d be very basic. But if you go lion in a
hoodie, black and gold hoodie, 4K render, cinematic lens, in Adobe Premier Pro, it will come up super amazing. So be descriptive in these AI tools, especially with Midjourney,
because the output of it and the graphic is gonna look amazing. – And I know it’s a sensitive
topic for some people. But as technically the
rights to that artwork then could be used all
over your social media because it’s original AI
that they’re letting you use? – Yep, so even they have it
where in the paid versions, ’cause you could do this for free, but in the paid versions
they actually have it in their like policy where you
can monetize on those things.

So if you’re doing the free version, I’ll say do not put it everywhere. But if you do have the paid version then you’re able to like put it on shirts, you can make it posters,
however you wanna monetize it ’cause it’s in their actual policy. – Got it. All right, number eight is Megaphone and you’re distributing
your audio podcast. This is a Spotify feature. What is this all about? – So this is just a
platform that I’m using that will allow me to distribute the audio to Apple Podcast, Google
Podcast, Spotify, everything, but also will allow me to do,
kind of, a private podcast. So not only does it distribute and make all my stuff for free, but then I can cater to my community and create like an after
show just for that.

And it will still go on Spotify,
it’ll still go on Apple, and people can now… you’re
able to monetize your podcast in that standpoint. So Megaphone has been really
helpful for our podcast. – Is that free? – That is, no, there is a paid version. It goes based off a bit of downloads, but it’s really dope. – Gotcha, gotcha, cool one. Okay, number nine. This is a productivity tool
you use, you’re using Notion. How do you use it? – So Notion is literally my second brain when it comes to content. I have literally all my to-do lists.

I have my content world is what I call, which is my content calendar. I have my video scripts. I have my research as far as
what content has been doing, like a database of what’s
working, what’s not working. So it’s really just a
drag and drop for me. And for me, it’ll allow
me to be visual too. I can add pictures to it,
I could add graphs to it. It’s a mobile app, it’s a computer, it’s an iPad situation, it’s everything. I just like simplicity. And so Notion is able to do that. – And then you also mentioned
under productivity Mem AI or something. – Mem, M-E-M AI. So this one I’m actually using
right now on top of Notion because the more that you give it, the more it organizes it for you.

I’m not the best organizer,
I’m a very spontaneous person so majority of my notes
and things like that is all over the place. The Apple Notes and other
ones, it’s hard to organize it or being very intentional. With Mem, it just automatically
does it through AI. – Amazing, and then number 10
is ElevenLabs, what’s that? – Yes, oh, this has to be
the best voice cloning, which is scary, very, very scary. There is a video that shows like Leonardo DiCaprio
speaking as himself. – Not as an expert, but
as a concerned citizen. One of the 400,000 people who marched in the streets of New York on Sunday. And the billions of
others around the world who want to solve our climate crisis. – It’s very scary, but I think
this is great, especially for people who may not
want to do voiceovers, may not even like their
voice or anything like that, to where they literally send a sample, like a probably a minute sample, of their voice and they
type whatever they want.

And it actually says it
for you in your style. – [Narrator] Subscribe to Think Media. – Now there’s of course it’s AI, so it is not super, super perfect, but it has to be one of the
best ones that I’ve ever heard. If you put music underneath it, you can’t really tell the differences. So how I use it, is for
like the podcast ads, right, the audio ads. I’ll use it for a voiceover,
I’ll use it for a shoot. I’m working on an e-book. I’m doing that, I’m reading
it through the AI situation. So anything voice-wise that you may need that you may not have a mic for, that you may not just be in an area to record at that moment, you can type it and you can download it, and you can put it anywhere you need it.

– Amazing, well that’s 10 powerful tools. People wanna check out with you. Where can they find you online? What are you up to? – Oh that’s easy, @thisisnickys
on Instagram, right? Nicki and Moose Podcast, YouTube,
all your podcast players, and of course, – Appreciate you so much,
thanks for coming on. – Absolutely..

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