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if you’re looking to incorporate powerful AI Tools
in your business and workflow this is the video to   watch I’ve had a chance to try many copywriting Storify OTO
tools AI Avatar creation email marketing ad   campaign management video editing and optimization
logo creation and so much more in this video I’m   going to make a recommendation for some of my Storify OTO
top tools these are my favorites stay tuned I’m Phil Palin a brand strategist welcome to my channel where I promise practical advice   to build your brand today is a Roundup of all my

favorite AI tools for small businesses and trust   me when I tell you that I have tried many these
are my favorites let’s Dive Right In starting   with copywriting for copywriting let’s start with
some tools designed specifically to use AI to help   you copyright Now Jasper is a popular one I really
like this platform notice at the time of recording   this video there’s a special trial offer so you
might want to check that out you can actually use   it for free really a lot of different uses that
you might need for copies so Jasper is a great one   linked below let’s look at a few more any word
is a tool full disclosure that I’ve partnered   with in the past so I’ve created video content
for them and I’m definitely a fan of this tool   I know it very well because I used to work with
them to create explainer videos it’s another tool   but it is paid they do offer a free plan but
it is pretty limited so if you’re wanting to   pay for a tool that’s designed to help you write
copy quickly this might be one that you consider   any word let’s keep going is another
just another variation of this so this one’s   used to write blogs we’ve been experimenting with
it recently to use you know podcast episodes write   them as blog posts again a platform like this
has access you know API access I don’t know the   specifics but access to a tool like chat GPT
which we’re about to talk about that’s what   everyone else is talking about it has access you
know to be able to but just a cleaner interface   to be able to help you write copy that is the
purpose so those are three tools that are paid   but a lot of them offer free introductory plans
so that you can check them out now I can’t make   this video and not talk about chat GPT which by
the way hit million users in five days that’s   got to be a record with a quick search on YouTube
here or on Google you’re gonna see all kinds of   guides and resources and posts about how to use
this effectively I promise that I’m going to talk   more about this in the future I’m still kind of
in that research phase to figure out what I think   of it I’m excited about it but I’m not like oh my
God this has changed my life not yet but I’m very   interested about the direction that AI is going
and this is certainly leading the way so I want   to show you an example prompt that’s how chat
GPT works so here I put my YouTube title for   this video but it gave me exactly what I wanted
20 variations on this title very cool again more   to come on my channel regarding chat GPT I love AI
for copywriting did you know that you can also use   it to create logos now this is something I know
you’re gonna love it is so simple I’m a very proud   Adobe Express Ambassador and one of my favorite
tools that they offer is this logo maker so let’s   actually type in an example here my restaurant
business to find the type of business let’s give   it a name yummy noodles that’s a good example okay
let’s say that’s the name and if we have a slogan   we can add that in here let’s click next that’s
the first question done second question we choose   while so bold elegant modern decorative let’s
choose modern for this example I like that style   I’ll click next now we can choose an icon so it’s
going to pre-populate some options here and I’m   loving some of these but let’s say we want noodles
since that’s the name I love this one it’s flat   and beautiful and minimalist which is very much my
style we’re getting closer Adobe Express is using   AI to populate some really beautiful starting
points for Logos I guess I’m really drawn to this   one it’s really beautiful and again we’re going
to click customize and this is a starting point   for our logo okay so we can see how it looks
in digital in print and on web I’m loving this   if we want to download it if we’re happy with
it as it is we can make some minor adjustments   here or if we want to customize it more I like
this option it’s going to bring exactly what   we’ve created in answering three questions right
over to Adobe Express where you can then make any   adjustments that you want if you want to change
the size of elements if you want to change the   font Adobe Express has Integrations with Adobe
fonts in my opinion the best font library on the   internet you can really go to town and have some
fun and using AI it’s helping you with a beautiful   starting point here in Adobe Express to create an
awesome logo simple I love it now let’s shift to   a platform that uses AI but still involves humans
which is important especially for creating design   assets lots of them and as many as you want
using the same example business yummy noodles   you’re looking at two logo designs that were not
designed by AI they were designed by humans using   a service that I love called penji an unlimited
graphic design service that acts as a monthly   subscription for all your design needs that’s
right it’s unlimited so I decided on the logo   that I love here this looks awesome and because
it’s unlimited I’m not just going to design the   logo I’m also going to to think about what else I
might need and in this case I need a brand style   guide right and so using this service I can
have you know an amazing designer somewhere in   the world help me out with creating the guidelines
so that anyone who touches my brain in the future   knows what rules to follow again penji is not
using AI to design the logo it’s using human   graphic designers to design the logo which is why
it looks amazing but it uses AI to decide which   designer is best appropriate for your job based
on their experience their skill set and their   portfolio amazing I love PNG linked below penny
is great now let’s make an AI Avatar together   human me AI me there’s one platform in the lead
for this and it is called Synthesia you might be   wondering how we generated that AI version of me
you saw a second ago this is footage of me making   my custom Synthesia Avatar and I gotta tell you
this is a lot of fun they give you very specific   guidelines to follow so that the avid chart that’s
generated looks amazing my finished Avatar looks   like this now I’ve got this amazing Avatar using
AI I absolutely love Synthesia it’s the leader in   the platform and of course I’m going to link to
that in the description below and I’ll also link   on screen to this video where I create the custom
avatar in more detail if you’re curious to watch   that let’s keep going video editing even that
can be made more efficient thanks to AI watch   this maybe you’ve used a tool like descript this
is a popular one I haven’t actually spent a ton   of time in here but I still wanted to mention it
as a tool for video editing that incorporates AI   you can actually edit your video based on words
I use another tool for this it is from Adobe it’s   called project blink and I absolutely love this AI
powered video editing on the web and you can do a   lot in here from searching for objects and sounds
it’ll actually pick up those things in the video   and then obviously like I talked about a second
ago with descript editing videos just like you   edit text so it’ll literally transcribe it you can
click the section I’ll show you in a second click   the section that you want to delete and it’s
gone so many other things you can do here pull   out key moments great for Instagram reels you
can remove what we would call verbal tics like   ums I just did want a second ago ah and you know
I say well you know things like that if I wanted   to remove them I could because you can actually
identify them when I hop over to the tool itself   it looks a little bit like this okay so and I’ll
put the link in the description below at the time   of recording this video you may have to request
access but this project has been made public so   I’m allowed to talk about it and it certainly is
something you should be able to access if not now   soon you will be able to this little video will
walk through how to use it and when we actually   log in here it’s very simple you can upload your
video here your uploaded videos will stay if you   want to give it a try you can actually use a
sample video I’m going to go ahead and click   on this video which I I just uploaded so
it’ll preview it there and I can create a   project let’s go ahead and create that it’ll take
a moment to load and once it loads have a look it   already transcribed the video and if for example
I wanted to delete a section let’s say I want to   delete this sentence boom I delete it and that
edit has actually already been made this makes   editing so easy it’ll also one step further it’ll
identify the speakers in the video so it does this   cool little thumbnail which is my face from the
video so if you have for example a zoom call or   something where you’ve got more than one person
it will make it easy to identify who says what and   then to be able to edit from there love this tool
now a few more here’s an email marketing platform   that incorporates Ai and it’s really awesome mail
Moto it’s called and it’s really unique in the   industry I’ve really had a lot of fun with mail
Moto since discovering it it uses amp which stands   for Accelerated MO mobile pages to add really fun
interactive elements into your email almost like   you’d see in an app but it’s directly in an email
without the user having to leave here you see a   number of Graphics so right here is this amazing
little survey feature that could be so useful in   getting feedback from people you’d have to send
them to a separate page you keep them directly   into the email mailmoto definitely uses AI to
combine data analysis personalization copywriting   all in one streamlined process so that you can
just focus on creating something interactive   and beautiful and easy for your user to digest
and this platform definitely accomplishes that   now let’s talk about multi-channel ad management
ads that you’re running on Google Facebook and   Instagram there’s an AI tool for that check this
out I don’t know about you but I find running ads   pretty intimidating and Otis has taken all of that
fear and hesitation Away by allowing me to create   campaigns and run them across multiple platforms
like Tick Tock Instagram Facebook Google here you   see me setting up the creative so I’ve already
defined my audiences before this point I put what   I thought is good starting copy but it’s actually
using AI to make suggestions on copy that will   perform even better by giving it a score and here
I am experimenting with something that is ideally   going to score well so that it’s going to position
my ads to perform great I love Otis because   all you need to worry about is the creative the
images or videos that you want to use for your ads   Otis helps you figure out everything else and
also track the performance of your campaigns   and allocate the most budget to where the best
ads are performing which means that no stress   for you you really just focus on the creative
and Otis does the rest I’ll also link along   with all the other tools mentioned in this video
to Otis in the description below so there you go   a handful of really cool tools that incorporate
AI that are perfect for various aspects of your   small business I’ve linked to all of the apps
below go ahead and check them out for yourself if   you’ve got any lingering questions comment below
let’s keep the conversation going on down there   I respond to those personally and if you enjoyed
this Roundup video give it a like that helps other   people discover these videos which we work hard to
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your brand next I’m sharing a few videos I think   you’ll be interested in I’m Phil Palin thanks
for watching those are coming up next [Music] foreign

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