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I want to start this video by saying that I think social media is an amazing technology   and a solid way to connect with random VizualAI OTO
people across the globe. I think people   take for granted how lucky we are to be able to experience the power of what apps such as Instagram, Facebook, or even YouTube allow us to do: Connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time. However, while social media VizualAI OTO
is indeed a great technology, it’s still   an illusion. There are those of us that can see right though this illusion, and there are those   that fall right into its trap. Depending on
how one uses social media, it can either make or break their love for themself.

There is a
right way to use it, and a wrong way to use it, and I want to use the episode “The Hobbit” from South Park to give my take on the matter. This episode is focused on this character
named Wendy who, throughout the story,   debates against the use of photoshop for images on social media, and is convinced that everyone   should accept themselves for who they are. Which is awesome. Go Wendy, right? Yeah, not really. She speaks a lot of facts in this episode, sure, however, as the story progresses, she becomes more, and more judgemental. Which is funny because at the beginning of the story, she sticks up for her friend after being rejected for being too fat, and then calls Butters out for his judgement.   You see, I would be on Wendy’s side in this episode, but the only issue is, she’s a hypocrite,   which we all are in our own special ways, but this is an important point that many of us fail to realize.

She claims it’s wrong
to judge people for their imperfections, but then criticizes famous celebrities for using apps like photoshop to make themselves appear more   perfect than they actually are. Before the trolls comment, “but made2 she actually does  look like that in real life ha ha” please try and see where I’m coming from with this next point. This is one of the more difficult topics for me to talk about because there are both respectable qualities, and problems for both arguments. On one hand, you could argue people shouldn’t upload this fake version of themselves for
social media validation, and they should   love themselves the way they are, but on the other hand, you could say, using photoshop, and strategically designing your profile on social media to fit society’s standards is still a form of artistic expression in itself.

The question that I want to focus on for this video is, is it okay to be fake? Well in my opinion, it
depends. For instance, I could use the artistic   expression argument as an excuse to cover up the fact that I lack self-love. Think about it, why   would I need photoshop, and why would I need to upload pictures of myself that aren’t necessarily authentic on social media if I love myself as I am? At that point, I’m just seeking validation, I am in denial about how I look in real
life, and want to avoid that truth. However, I think there is a major misconception about what is, or what is not self-love. This idea that it’s wrong to wear makeup, it’s wrong to put on jewelry, it’s wrong to put on clothing   that makes us feel good about ourselves, and it’s even wrong to upload certain types of pictures or videos that we genuinely want to share with the world is all absolute nonsense. I think that’s why people refrain from expressing that creative side of themselves, with fear that, “it isn’t authentic enough.” which is a legitimate concern, but that’s not the point.

The point is, how do YOU want to express YOURSELF to the world? For instance, the way I express myself might be different compared to the way the average person does, so that’s why it can come off as a shock to some people.   There are those who might say, “why aren’t you expressing yourself this way, or that way” or they might not understand your artistic decisions, but that doesn’t necessarily make you wrong. How someone chooses to express themself is THEIR choice, and must be respected, even if some of us   might not understand it, and that’s what Wendy fails to realize in this episode. I feel her pain though, because I’ve been there. There have been moments in my life where I felt like everyone is fake, and the world is fake, but what I had to realize is imagining or living your dream life is not fake, it’s a form of real, authentic
expression. And as long as the self-love is there, there’s nothing wrong with that. Wendy is right about this though: People SHOULD love themselves   as they currently are in real life, but this
isn’t to be confused with refusing to work   on oneself.

Self-love also applies to taking
care of our bodies, eating the right foods,   staying away from addictions that don’t serve us, and getting enough exercise as examples. Another character that I can relate to in this episode is Butters. He wants the perfect woman,   with perfect skin, and no scars, but he’s
not even that himself. There was a time in my life where I wanted the ultimate girlfriend with a list of impossible physical features that I didn’t even have myself.

Over time I
noticed not only were my standards way too high,   but my self love was lacking. Soon after,
I started looking into the mirror more, literally for hours, to humble
myself a bit. What I discovered was the longer I looked myself in the mirror, the more I started to love myself completely even with all my so-called “imperfections”. But it wasn’t just about accepting the physical aspects of myself, but it also was about accepting who I was on the inside. The fact that I was able to, and still am able to sit with myself for that long shows that I can be there for myself even if nobody else is. By doing this more I slowly started to realize the human body is nothing more than a mask.   Looks are great and all, but what matters more than anything else is one’s personality. It’s a powerful exercise that I highly recommend trying out. It’s something that not only Butters needs to do, but pretty
much everyone in this episode needs to do, look themselves in the damn mirror. What they will find is that there is beauty in imperfection.

All the scars, the blemishes, the zits that we develop over the course of our lifetimes is what makes us human, and to me, there is something beautiful about that. Those people out there that   disagree with that statement, weren’t meant to be in our lives anyway. The validation that we crave from others is already inside of us, we just have to be willing to give ourselves a chance..

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